42mm Neck Size Pressing Foam Bottle

Short Description:

PET plastic environmental protection material

Easy pressing

Multi-capacity selection

Place of Origin: China
Industrial Use:Cosmetic and personal care

Seal ways:screw foam pump

Neck size: 42mm

Application:cosmetic,skin care products,shampoo,Hand lotion,shower Gel,facial cleanser and other liquid emulsion bubble sub-bottling.

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Product Detail

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Product Detail


Place of Origin: China
Base Material:PP pump head+PP dust cover+PET bottle body
Sealing Type:dust cover
Color:white,or customized
Product name:42mm neck size Snap atomized spray bottle
Packing:packed in carton(can be added small plastic bag)


Bottle mouth (mm) Weight(g) Capacity (ml) Diameter(mm) Shoulder height(mm) Bottle height(mm) Total Height(mm)
42 27 300 70 60 102 193
42 45 500 81 69 122 213
Noted There will be minor errors in manual measurement, and the specific object is mainly in kind

Details Images


42mm international standard threaded bottle mouth

PP plastic pressure pump head

PP plastic pressure buckle

PET plastic bottle body transparent bottle body

Push-type foaming pump head

Using PP plastic material,high-quality pump core,rich and delicate foam come out with a light press.

uytu (50)

PP plastic pressure buckle

Equipped with pressure-proof buckle,tightly press the buckle,to avoid accidental press as well as to prevent liquid leakage

42mm Large diameter bottle neck

Standard large-diameter bottle design,clear thread teeth,tight rotation without leakage,good sealing,easy to fill solution

uytu (49)
uytu (47)

Regular spot bottle body

Simple design flat shoulder bottle body,made of high-quality pet raw materials,light weight,thick bottle body pressure resistant and unbreakable,smooth and smooth surface,translucent gloss.

Principle and Use

Application and use

Appearance quality of medical plastic bottle: oral solid medical bottle is generally white. The oral liquid medicine bottle is generally brown or transparent, and other color products can be produced according to the customer’s requirements. The color should be uniform, without obvious color difference. The surface should be smooth and smooth, without obvious deformation and scratches, sand holes, oil stains and bubbles. The bottle mouth should be smooth and smooth.

Detailed analysis of PET bottle design:The design of plastic bottle mouth should focus on how to make the plastic bottle mouth better match with the cap and sealer. The bottom of the plastic bottle is the weak part of the mechanical function of PET plastic bottle. Therefore, the bottom of the plastic bottle is generally designed to be concave; the corner of the plastic bottle and the concave part are made with large arc. In order to facilitate the stacking of plastic bottles and increase the stacking of plastic bottles, inner grooves should be designed at the bottom of plastic bottles. For the corner of the rectangular plastic bottle, it needs to support most of the load of the plastic bottle. Therefore, increasing the wall thickness of the part is conducive to further strengthening the rigidity and load resistance of the plastic bottle. Therefore, in order to ensure the rigidity and hardness of PET plastic bottle, in addition to choosing materials with higher rigidity and hardness, the shape of PET plastic bottle should be designed, so as to enhance the rigidity, hardness and load-bearing strength of plastic bottle.



★Q:Can we get free samples?
A: Yeah, you can. We can provide free samples for you to examine our quality.

★Q:Can we ask for label printing?
A: Yeah, you can. We can make the label printing according to your demand.

★Q:What is the normal lead time?
A: For stock products, we will ship within 1-2 days after received your payment.
    For other products, according to your quantity. 

★Q:What is your shipping terms?
A: For small order: FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT etc can be provided.
    Large order, by sea or by air, according to your demand.

★Q:What does your factory do regarding quality control?
A: we do leak test for 3 times before packing. 

★Q:If there’s any defective bottle, how can you settle it for us?
A: we have 1: 1 replacement for the defective bottles.

★Q:How to order?
A: 1) you tell us the bottle type, size, color, and quantity you want,
     2) we make quotation for you according to your information. 
     3) If you are satisfied with our quotation, then you make the payment,
     4) we arrange shipping after received your payment.

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